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Spruce Run-Womancare Alliance

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24 Hour Hotline 1-800-863-9909
1-800-437-1220 (TTY)
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Steps to Take

Here are some steps to consider if someone is stalking you…

  • Call the Spruce Run-Womancare Alliance hotline at 1.800.863.9909 for help making a safety plan.
  • Tell the stalker to leave you alone – firmly and only once. Don’t negotiate or engage in conversation.
  • Keep a stalking incident logand record every occurrence, including date, time, description of what happened, and the names of any witnesses.
  • Make copies if you get a restraining order, and always keep one with you.
  • Save everything the stalker sends you – letters, emails, gifts.
  • Get a post office box from a private company – like a local mailing center or shipping store – and use it instead of your home address. If you need to receive a package from FedEx or another company that won’t deliver to a PO Box, use the word “Apartment” instead when giving your address.
  • Screen calls with an answering machine.
  • Save any voicemail messages from the stalker or record them with a tape recorder and save the tape.
  • Call the Unlawful Call Center at 1.800.518.5507 to report and get help documenting harassing or threatening phone calls.
  • Learn where the 24-hour stores are located and go there or to a hospital emergency room – anywhere there are a lot of people – if someone is following you. Then call the police. Don’t go home.