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Political/Philosophical Statement

Developed 1/10/81

The Big Problem:  The Source of Abuse is Power Imbalance.

A power imbalance exists.  Power is always in flux.  Power is the ability to act, and we each have inherent personal power.

The use of power is not necessarily abusive.  When the power imbalance is maintained so that it results in oppression and domination, it must be dealt with.

Historically, people have used power to dominate and oppress.  This is an abusive process, and women and children are traditional victims.

We believe that change is possible and a non-abusive process can exist for dealing with the power imbalance.  Acknowledging the recurring, ongoing nature of the power imbalance, we believe that we must engage in continuing struggle (personally and collectively, professionally and politically) to equalize the power imbalance.

We believe that the process for equalizing the power imbalance is to empower the victim. 

We as women share common experiences, including victimization.  The only people we can truly empower are ourselves and we choose to share that empowering process with other women and children.