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Spruce Run-Womancare Alliance

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Prevention & Training

Imagine our community without isolation and fear. Imagine our community without domestic abuse and intimate partner violence.

Spruce Run-Womancare Alliance has been working with community members and partners for over 35 years to change attitudes, save lives, and end abuse.  Together, we’ve laid the foundation for a coordinated community response to domestic abuse, and we’ve made some pretty impressive progress on this problem.

We’ve seen…

  • Changed attitudes. More and more people from all walks of life agree that there is no excuse for abuse.
  • Saved lives. After nearly every Spruce Run-Womancare Alliance speaking engagement, at least one person stops us to describe how her life is different because of Spruce Run-Womancare Alliance and the many services that helped her achieve peace and safety.
  • Hope for an end to abuse. Prevention work has always been part of Spruce Run-Womancare Alliance’s mission – initiatives and activities geared toward ending abuse.

But we still have a long way to go.  There is no single, simple solution to this problem.  No shelter, hotline, law, class, or treatment program alone will eliminate a problem that has been part of our culture for centuries, a problem that directly affects at least a quarter of the population.  We all must work together.

Please join us in this work. How? Consider any or all of these activities:

  • Get informed. Check out this site.  Invite a speaker to your group. Participate in community awareness activities. Find out how Spruce Run-Womancare Alliance can help your group or community learn more about domestic abuse – and how to take action. Give us a call 945-5102.
  • Get involved. Learn how our school based advocates work to end abuse with Prevention and School-Based Programs, Healthy Relationship Education, and Youth-Focused Programs in our schools and other youth settings. Then set up a program in your area, or call us to explore training, consultation and collaboration possibilities.
  • Make a change. Work with us to develop customized policies, practices and training to address domestic abuse in your school, workplace, profession, church or organization. Encourage other organizations and employers to examine this issue.

Together we can do so much.

Take a look at the Coordinated Community Action Model to see how our community institutions can make a difference in the lives of people affected by abuse.

Take a look at the Community Accountability Wheel to see how our community institutions can help batterers be accountable.