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If you’re living in an abusive situation, you probably have a million thoughts, feelings and questions running through your head.

You might be thinking… 

How can I make it stop? Is there any hope? What happens if I try to leave and can’t make it on my own?  This is bad for the kids, but everyone says kids need a father…What should I do?  If I leave, where will I go?  Will the abuse just get worse? What if my partner comes after me?

These are very real concerns, and it’s important to think about them.  Your questions are the first steps toward making a safety plan. Let us help.

Please look through this section of the site.  Read One Woman’s Story. Give the hotline a call at 1.800.863.9909. We’ll help you explore answers to those questions that work for you. And we’ll work on a plan with you. 

Achieving real, lasting safety takes a lot of time and a lot of work, and there may be significant challenges and hard choices to make. We know your situation is unique and that making changes can be frightening and hard to do.

But we believe you deserve to live safely and be treated with caring and respect. We’ll help in whatever way we can.